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NEW ! DELTA-neo N2H v2 new Firmware with NDI® including
next generation NDI®|HX technology. Free Firmware update downloadHere

DELTA-neo N2H v2 is the world first Multi-Format NDI version 4 Decoder. It allows to decode and visualize any NDI® High bitrate (also called "Full NDI"), NDI-HX1 and NDI-HX2 streams on a wide range of HDMI™ 2.0 display devices, TV screens and video projectors.

DELTA-neo N2H v2 automatically detects the NDI® stream format, decode and converts it to HDMI™ with embedded audio. As opposed to the computer-based system, its hardware-based signal processing delivers stability, low latency and a small form factor with no equivalent on the market.


DELTA-neo N2H v2 product overview

The DELTA-neo N2H v2 allows seamless integration and deployment into your NDI infrastructure; each converter can be addressed statically or via DHCP for rapid deployment in a managed network. The detection of the NDI streams available on the network is automatic and the choice is made quickly; - Either locally via a button on the box - Or remotely via the HTML5 web user interface.

The web user interface available on each DELTA-neo N2H v2 offers centralized management capabilities for all HDMI display terminals. Audio management also allows you to choose a stereo pair from the 8 pairs in each NDI stream, giving you the ability to use DELTA-neo N2H v2 in multilingual environments. Automatic power-on without switches ensures continuous operation without human intervention after shutdown.

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