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DELTA-Stadium is a complete solution for the live broadcast of videos and graphics of a sports event: pre-match animations and presentations, trailers, clocks, animated scores, statistics management, action games illustrations and Arbitration decisions...

It allows to synchronize the displays on giant screens, perimeter panels and pyrotechnic and lights events.

DELTA-Stadium comes in a compact 2U 19" rack for easy integration into a stadium or sports hall or at the heart of a mobile control room.

It connects to the screen video processors engines or the video studio via SD / HD / 3G-SDI links or IP through the NDI protocol.

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A flexible editor

The graphic editor allows you to create custom graphic that will be automatically fed from the database. Intuitive and complete, it allows to integrate texts, logos, titles, video clips on several transparent layers. DELTA-Stadium supports TrueType fonts and UNICODE for all forms of writing.

The timeline provides quick and accurate control of animations and the timing of appearances. Each object can be associated with a fixed or animated texture with transitions for professional finish.

Perimeter (LED) Display Support

DELTA-Stadium integrates an optional module dedicated to perimeter display. An intuitive graphical interface allows you to configure the video output according to the size and number of panels deployed.

DETA-Stadium graphic editor will then allow to integrate and synchronize all the graphic elements made to the desired resolution to broadcast during the event.

Synchronization of pyrotechnic effects and lights

As an option, DELTA-Stadium can interface with lighting controllers and pyrotechnic effect generators to trigger special effects that are perfectly synchronized with the animations displayed on the giant screens and the perimeter. For this, the graphic editor of DELTA-Stadium allows precise positioning of MIDI events on the timeline of each animation. When playing these animations, DELTA-Stadium will automatically send the commands to the controllers connected via a MIDI link.


DELTA-Stadium includes an FTP connection module that allows users to download game statistics from sites such as STATS-Prozone or OPTA and to display the desired information live. For those who do not have a subscription, a module dedicated to the capture of game statistics feeds the database in real time for their distribution at any time. The statistics are fully customizable and can take into account player, action, time and even position in the field.

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  • LIVE interfaces available for Football, Basketball, Rugby and Baseball
  • UNICODE support
  • Image import formats: JPG, BMP, TGA, PNG ...
  • Video import format: QuickTime® (.mov)
  • NDI® support for TriCaster and 3Play
  • SDI I/O Option
  • 2U 19" rack.
  • Height : 3.5" (89 mm) - Width : 16.8" (426 mm)
  • Depth : 25.6" (650 mm) - Gross Weight : 49 lbs (22.23 kg)
  • Packaging (W x H x L) : 23.8" (605 mm) x 9.8" (249 mm) x 32.9" (836 mm)

Available configurations

  • DELTA-Stadium comes as a 2RU turnkey system with live interfaces for one sports to be chosen between: Basketball, Baseball, Football and Rugby and it also includes a user customizable generic interface.
  • Additional sports interfaces are available as an option and each can be bought separately.
  • Two models available:
    DELTA-Stadium-NDI for systems with NDI support. Optional SDI I/O and optional perimeter module.
    DELTA-Stadium-SDI with SDI I/O and NDI support and Perimeter display module.

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