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H.264 HD SDI/HDMI Encoder

Professional while Affordable streaming Encoder

Stable Video Encoder for Live Streaming

Stable Video Encoder for Live Streaming

Kiloview E series wired hardware video encoder converts SDI/HDMI base-band video to H.264 IP streams, to achieve remote video transmission or live across internet WAN or over local network LAN. They support the most common protocols including SRT, RTMP, RTMPS, RTP, HLS, UDP, RTSP, Onvif, and are widely applied to professional live production, streaming, broadcasting, etc.

E1: SDI Input/Loop;
E2: HDMI Input/Loop


Stream Directly to YouTube

Stream Directly to YouTube

You can send your encoded video to live streaming platforms like YouTube or Twitch in the device web console.

Before streaming with our HD hardware encoder, you can edit config on stream settings (such as H.264 profile, bitrate level, frame rate, GOP, overlay, and so on) and protocol settings (such as YouTube streaming URL and key). The E series live streaming encoder is equipped with powerful chipsets, therefore, you will have a stable 24/7 stream at lower power consumption.

HDMI to H.264 Encoding

HDMI to H.264 Encoding

The E1/E2 encoder takes SDI/HDMI video source from your camera or any video device and encode it into H.264 stream.

You can start your live stream using your camera, as long as it's connecting to our encoder by SDI/HDMI. The video is automatically compressed and encoded into H.264 IP stream. You will get a smooth experience with video taking, data encoding, and stream distribution.

Real-time Live Streaming

Real-time Live Streaming

Compared with software encoding solutions, Kiloview encoders works more efficiently on latency and video quality.

Whether streaming to the public streaming platform or syncing video data with another counterpart, the video latency is always perfect for your broadcasting and end-to-end communication.  The measured latency for SRT protocol encoding is less than 67ms, and the end-to-end connection is less than 1s. So, you will have "real-time" live streaming with E1/E2.

Real HD 1080P60 Video Supported

It supports real HD video input with resolution up to 1920*1080P@60FPS to ensure that the image quality is perfect.

Low Latency, High-Quality Streaming

E series adopt standard H.264 coding algorithm, so they ensure high-quality image and smooth live streaming. They provide you superior video with low-latency, low bitrate and low bandwidth.

Encoding delay ≤ 67ms - Adjustable bitrate 64kbps~40Mbps - Low bandwidth 1.5Mbps@1080p

(Note: the actual delay condition is also related to your Internet status)

It’s a recorder and an interphone!

Recording prepares for future. Kiloview E series provides simultaneous recording while you are doing live streaming to many media destinations. And redundant recording is realized with Micro SD/TF/USB/NAS with recording files in the format of .ts, .mp4, .mov,.mkv, avi.

It also supports SDI/HDMI embedded and 3.5mm analog audio coding, so you can use KILOVIEW voice intercom software to realize real-time voice intercom. Learn more

All IP Video Protocols Supported

All IP Video Protocols Supported

E series supports full range of protocols including RTSP/ RTMP/ RTMPS/ SRT/ HLS/ TS-UDP/ Onvif, that means live stream with RTMP/RTMPS, while remote production with SRT, all can be handled at the same time. It also supports ONVIF 1.1/2.0 for easy Access To Security Protection System / NVR System.

Encoding & Streaming to Multiple Platforms

You can set dual stream output (main stream and sub stream) in the built-in web console. Each stream can be used to up to 8 platforms with the same or different protocols, altogether it can simultaneously live stream to up to 16 platforms. Main stream resolution up to 1080p60Hz, sub stream resolution up to 720p 60Hz.

Let’s go social

Let’s go social

With FPGA processing unit, it can easily realize the functions of rotating and cropping for vertical/horizontal video which makes it social media friendly.

LOGO/ Image/ Text Overlay

Add any self-defined text, time and image overlay at any position to announce your copyrights and have fun!

7x24h Operation

Portable and low power consumption makes it 24 hours continuous working available.


TV programming, lecture capture, online courses, remote learning, course recording, broadcast meetings, Web training, remote pathology, telemedicine, conferences, concerts, sports.

Tech Specs

Video input
E1: 1*BNC 3G-SDI; E2: 1*HDMI
Analog audio interface
USB interface
2*USB 2.0 Type-A
Micro SD
1*Micro SD/TF Card storage interface
Network support
Video loop
E1: 1*BNC 3G-SDI; E2:1*HDMI
Video resolution
Up to 1080P60Hz:
SDI: 1080P23.98/24/25/29.97/30Hz;1080P50/59.94/60Hz;
HDMI: 1080P23.98/24/25/29.97/30Hz;1080P50/59.94/60Hz;
1080i50/59.94/60Hz;720P30/50/59.94/60Hz; below 1920*1200.
Video encoding
H.264/AVC, Motion-JPEG
Audio encoding
Encoding latency
Media transmission protocols
Image and text overlay
Record storage
Micro SD/TF card local recording, and NAS network storage
Power supply/Consumption
DC 12V 1A / 4W
Operating temperature
125*89*28mm (4.92”*3.50”*1.10”)

FAQ about Kiloview E Series Video Encoder

Q: What does an SDI/HDMI video encoder do, and why do we need it?

A: You can not send your video directly from the camera to the Internet because the