European Championship Studio for SporTV at the Eiffel Tower

SporTV from Brazil is operating a studio near the Eiffel Tower during Euro 2016. This studio and the MCR used for the championships by the channel were planned and created with German participation.


Connected Events with LiveCG Broadcast
Icon Broadcast Group integrates Social Media in Festival Live Production

For the third year in a row, Icon Broadcast Group, a production company based in the Netherlands handled the live operations for VESTROCK festival, engaging the audience through social media.


Multiwebdia chooses NewTek and LiveXpert to master the 2015 Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four video project

The 2015 Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four was held in Spain, at the Barclaycard Center of Madrid, on May 15 to 17 2015. During the three-day event, the four best European basketball teams of this year's tournament, battled fiercely to win the title. This year, the organizer deployed an impressive production workflow, to offer a unique experience to viewers on site, as well as followers, fans and viewers in front of their screens.


17 Days of Campaign with NewTek TalkShow

LIVE! Audiovisual premieres NewTek TalkShow for El Pais, a major newspaper in Spain, to broadcast daily analysis during local elections. Interview…
Production integrating live Skype video calling in HD has been tested for the elections in Andalusia. NewTek TalkShow VS-100, the Skype video calling production system based on Skype TX professional software, was used for the first time in Spain for a 17-day campaign, and 17 live connections.


NewTek TriCaster and 3Play Push Nike’s London #RiskEverything Video Content to Big Screens and Social Media Simultaneously

When Nike’s #RiskEverything global soccer campaign reached London between 26-31 May 2014, the shoe and apparel company’s campaign managers weren’t expecting anything different than previous tour stops.

Then XYZ, local event organisers for Nike in London, showed them what NewTek TriCaster and 3Play systems could do with their video content on the big screen and on social media - at the same time.


NewTek Triples The Action at The World Athletics Indoor Championships

NewTek multi-camera sports production solutions answer broadcasters' needs at the World Athletics Indoor Championship 2014